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Bikini Tips

Helping You Figure Out Fitness With These Easy Tips

TIP! To get in shape, many people turn to weight lifting at the gym. Weights can... 

Get Fit Now With These Awesome Tips

TIP! Don’t have a large chunk of time to devote to exercising? Split up your... 

Tips To Make Your Fitness Goals More Achievable

TIP! Are you short on time? Break your workout into two sessions. You do not need... 

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Bikini Styles

Bikini Styles: Looking Stupendous in a String Bikini Swimsuit

Women, have you noticed how men look at women who are wearing a bikini? No matter... 

Learn the Different Styles of the Bikini Wax

What is the difference between a french wax, regular bikini wax, landing strip ,... 

Bikini Styles for This Summer Bikini Styles for This Summer

When it comes to making an impression at the beach, nothing says it all like a stylish... 

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World of Bikini

The Phenomenon of the Bikini: Why We All Love Bikinis… and Always Will

What is about the bikini that makes it loved by men and women alike, and adored the world over? Since its creation in the XXX, the bikini has secured itself as the number one womenâ??s swimwear favorite, surpassing the traditional one piece swimsuit. However, while the bikini of today bares many similarities to the original bikini, the last XX years... [Read more of this review]

My search for the perfect bikini My search for the perfect bikini

I am packing my bags for a trip to Costa Rica and realize that all of my bikinis… well, they just don’t look good on me. So I do what any thirty something would do, I go online to begin my search for the perfect bikini. There is no doubt that there are a lot of companies out there so I began plucking through the list. In my search I came... [Read more of this review]

Is A Woman Allowed To Wear A Brazilian Micro Bikini In Public?

Although bikinis have been accepted into the mainstream world of swimwear fashion for many years, with the introduction of the Brazilian-cut micro bikini by European influences, Hollywood movies, and trendy mazines, many women remain reluctant to wear the Brazilian micro bikini in public. What started off as designer swimwear for sunbathing, eventually... [Read more of this review]

World’S Most Unusual Bikinis World’S Most Unusual Bikinis

Letâ??s face it; you want to go to the beach not just to have fun in the sun but also to show off your “assets” to the watching men. Now, the thing is, when you go to the beach, you arenâ??t “the most beautiful” as what your parents always tell you. In fact, if you donâ??t make your bikini as unique as possible, you wouldnâ??t... [Read more of this review]

Tiny Micro Bikini Tiny Micro Bikini

First up, we’ll run through a short history of the bikini (no sniggering at the back, please) and see how we arrive at the micro bikini. The two-piece swimsuit we know today as the bikini has only been marketed and sold as such for 60 years. But archaeologists have discovered Minoan wall paintings from 1600 B.C. and Roman mosaics from 300 A.D.... [Read more of this review]

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